Remove distractions

Yes a cliché, but very important! We know how tempting it is to turn on Netflix while working or studying at home or when your phone buzzes.

Turn your phone on silent, put it in your handbag or in the other room. If your favourite Netflix serious is on your mind, make it your reward after you have achieved what you need to achieve.

Plan & write to-do lists

Having a game plan helps us get started and ticking off a to-do list keeps us going!

Start with your big picture and end goal. The create your list based on what needs to be done to achieve that goal. Break down tasks into to-do lists and set realistic dates to achieve them by.

If you are struggling to get your big-picture goal into a manageable & achievable plan take a look at …..

They will teach you how to utilise Trello, a free app, to organise yourself and start achieving your goals!

Sprint timing

Our brains can only effectively focus on the same thing for 50mins at a time. Each time you start a task, start a timer for 50mins and move on to another task each 50 minutes.

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